It began with a simple idea:


We searched high and low for a line of wholesome and natural treats designed to meet every pet’s unique needs. When we couldn’t find one, we realized we’d have to bake them ourselves. So we scrapped the available options and started from scratch.

Our products are made by pet lovers for your beloved pets. The recipes are developed in our own kitchen, with nourishing ingredients carefully selected to meet the nutritional needs of dogs with pesky food allergies, persistent health conditions or even just a picky palate.


Include ONLY the ingredients that matter

As the makers of Buddy Biscuits® treats, we devote a lot of time and attention to careful ingredient selection. Our ingredients are real, wholesome and simple - the closest you can get to baking them yourself.
We eliminate unnecessary additives such as corn, soy, and artificial dyes, flavors and preservatives. That way, we can focus instead on filling our treats with the things your dog needs most for optimal health. What’s tastier than that?

My Mom Says I’m The

Best Thing Since Baked Bread

Buddy is a friendly fella, chock full of all-natural goodness. Even while being eaten, he has a smile on his face knowing he is fulfilling his higher purpose of keeping your dog healthy and happy.


Buddy encourages you and your dog to be active. So run, don’t walk, to get your next box of Buddy Biscuits®!

Toes! Crunchy, crumbly, delicious toes. Dogs love toes (weird, we know), especially Buddy’s, which come in many fabulous flavors!

Bring Buddy Home